Getting Started - Authentication

Do you need to authenticate?

The majority of the Bitium API is private and will require authentication. In order to make these requests an organization ID, API token, and unique ID will need to be incorporated with your API requests.

Creating an API Token

To create an API Token, you must do the following:

  1. Admins
    • Navigate to Settings by clicking on the Manage dropdown at the top of the page.
    • The API Tokens page can be found under the Settings section.
  2. Users
    • Click "API Tokens" in the left sidebar of the dashboard. The organization must have access to this feature before users can generate tokens from the dashboard.
  • The Organization ID defines the organization for which the token is valid. This value will be included in the API endpoint or URl you are attempting to access.
  • The Token should be treated as a password. If you do not click "Show API Token" and copy it, you will not be able to access it again. The token will be passed in as a header when making API requests.
  • The Unique ID will also be required to be passed in as a header when making API requests.

Example API Token

This API token is for display purposes only and cannot be used to access the Bitium API. Please follow the instructions to create your own API token.

token 8AR4YDvxLSzvcCFdVyZ_
unique_id f566018b-d443-4f74-a177-46ed092ec3b2

Example Request With Placeholders

curl -H "Authorization: token {token}" \
-H "X-Device-Id: {unique_id}" \{organization_id} 

Example Request With Values

curl -H "Authorization: token 8AR4YDvxLSzvcCFdVyZ_" \
-H "X-Device-Id: f566018b-d443-4f74-a177-46ed092ec3b2" \